Pay More, Gain More--The Excellent Case of ROTOVILL


ROTOVILL, the exclusive cooperator of AUX in Hungary, starting to sell AUX products from 2021, has already made AUX the biggest brand in Hungarian air conditioner market. By the year of 2023, ROTOVILL has realized consecutively triple growth within the past two years, marking the fastest growth of Hungarian home appliance company. The success of ROTOVILL is the result of both its excellent sales strategy and impressive marketing campaigns.

The start point to success is positioning itself accurately in a market. Product selection is inseparable from accurate market positioning. After market analysis, ROTOVILL targeted business customers including the government, school, enterprise, etc. In response to the characteristics of this customer group, ROTOVILL selected high-end models for them, such as the Q Series and the J Series high-heating and energy-efficient models.

A problem for ROTOVILL is that high-end models require high costs, and higher prices could lead to a loss of competitiveness. But ROTOVILL solves this problem perfectly by precisely controlling the price.

Once the products are selected, the challenge is to sell them, which ROTOVILL does not need to consider. With the help of Internet technology, ROTOVILL has already built a perfect sales network, and customers can easily access the online shopping platform. When customers open Facebook and Instagram, or even Google Maps, they can find links to official platforms in obvious locations, which makes the shopping experience very smooth. In addition, ROTOVILL"s delivery policy is very competitive. It is able to deliver air conditioner to any location in Hungary within 2 working days.

Right products and competitive strategies are only the basis for opening the market, and customers" trust must be established before becoming the market leader. One important way is through marketing campaigns, which is one of the most important factors leading to ROTOVILL"s success.


ROTOVILL has always placed great emphasis on marketing campaigns, especially those aimed at individual customers. In order to gain the recognition of individual customers, it has made great efforts not only to advertise products in people"s daily lives, but also to promote them through the media resources. ROTOVILL has regularly advertised on buses, subways, airport expressways, shopping malls, cinemas, and important landmarks in Budapest, and has established its own social media matrix and co-signed with Hungarian celebrities to promote the brand. Moreover, the CEO of ROTOVILL has personally participated in TV talk shows to promote AUX products.

ROTOVILL brings AUX air conditioner not only to the daily lives of the Hungarian people, but also to major events in Hungary. In 2023, ROTOVILL took AUX to the Zsolnay Light Festival, the largest light festival in Central Europe sponsored by ROTOVILL, which attracted more than 100,000 visitors and brought great benefits to the promotion of the ROTOVILL and AUX. In addition, it sponsors Hungarian football competitions, which further expands AUX"s influence in Hungary.


However, it is difficult for ROTOVILL to quickly occupy the Hungarian market on its own, and it requires the full cooperation of all its distributors, which is essential to ROTOVILL"s success. In order to get closer, enhance confidence, and promote long-term cooperation, ROTOVILL not only took the initiative to hold a technical seminar to show AUX technology advantages to distributors, but also invited distributors to show the strength on the 30th anniversary. Moreover, it organized a tour of Mexico to reward outstanding distributors.

Overall, the success of ROTOVILL is the consequence of both its excellent sales strategy and impressive marketing campaign. By the above-mentioned case, we could see how much effort ROTOVILL has made to cultivate a brand. What ROTOVILL has done was not in vain, the consequence is obvious now, which is as the saying goes ‘the more you pay, the more you gain’.

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